Operation Resources


Operating, Installation, and Series Manuals for the TDFM-9000 can be found here.


TDFM-9000 Installation Instructions 

TDFM-9000 Operating Manual 

TDFM-9000 Series Software 

ARNG Motorola Account Information 

LOGIN: ARNG@TFCOMM.NET               Password: Tdfm-9000

Downloadable Links 

APX-7000 Code Plugs.zip

APX-7000 VHF Module #1
APX-7000 UHF Module #2
APX-7000 700/800 – VHF Module #3

APX-8000 Code Plugs.zip

APX-8000 VHF Guard Module # 1
APX-8000 VHF Guard- CalFire Module # 1 Alternate
APX-8000 UHF Guard Module # 2
APX-8000 700-800 Module # 3

Code Plugs 

ARNG Radio Project 90113

TiL Part No. 101263-2-90-A1D-AG0-P90113 (Apx-7000)
TiL Part No. 101263-2-90-A5R-AM0-P90113 (Apx-8000)

The APX Code-Plugs.zip files contains all three module code plugs for the TDFM-9000. You can identify the module type (7000 or 8000) based upon the Module Boot up screen. The module description will be WHITE on APX-7000 based radios, while it will be BLUE on APX-8000 based radios.


RF Module 1 Type A VHF
RF Module 2 Type A



RF Module 3 Type A 700/800 VHF

Each CPS Code Plug has been written to allow for the simple cut and paste of resources wanted. The code plugs are based upon Matching Conventional Personality and its associated Zone. Your code plug will require “Con Sys 1” listed under “conventional system “ in the conventional configuration menu heading in support of the personalities. Each code-plug holds the current NIFOG channels for the band, and any associated common channels such as Marine, WX, Test Freq Etc.

Beyond the Numbers

On-Going Training- Due to personnel turn over in the field,   Technisonic and it’s partner Dallas Avionics have revisited 24 separate facilities since training was completed in 2019 to re-train, support, and provide technical assistance to Guard Units and personnel.

Providing loaner radios- to facilitate Upgrades or AOG situations

On-Going support- including programming resources, dedicated resource websites and pages,  Direct Phone and Web support during critical operations such as Forest Fire / Hurricanes Operations

Development of specific ARNG training materials- update materials including code-plug resources, cockpit cards and Integration help.

Critical Certifications and Testing 

TDFM-9000 Series Radios hold the following certifications and approvals:

  • Department of Homeland Security – P25 CAPS Tested
  • DSCA Compliant and Approved
  • U.S. Forest Service – Approved
  • Mil-810 Tested – Approved
  • Mil-461 Tested – Approved
  • T Tested to applicable DO-160G Standards
  • Flammability Tested – Approved
  • U.S. Military Crash Worthiness Test – Approved